EPPM 2013 Conference Papers

A Common Process for Selecting a Construction-Project Delivery System Anat Chantemduang and Jakrapong Pongpeng

EPPM: Impacts of Site Coordination Problems to Cost Overrun in Building Projects Andy K. W. Ng and Edmond Y. S. Wong

Plan-it ¡V A Game Approach to Teaching Last Planner Methodology and Lean Construction David K. H. Chua, Qui T. Nguyen, and Ker-Wei Yeoh

A Structure of Risk Factors for Installing Façade of Buildings Influencing the Success of Construction Projects Ekkarat Panikorn and Jakkrapong Pongpeng

The Application of Polychromatic Set Theory in the Assembly Sequencing of Blocks for Offshore Rigs Ernest Abbott and David K. H. Chua

The Development of Decision Evaluation Model (DEM) to Determine between Manufacturing Off-Site or On-Site Methods for the Construction of House Building Projects Hussein Elnaas, Kassim Gidado, and Philip Ashton

Investigating Projects¡¦ Working Environment Effects on Labour Productivity: Perceptions of Iranian Road Contractors¡¦ Managers M. Reza Hosseini , Nicholas Chileshe , Parvi Ghoddousi, and Omid Poorafshar

Evaluation of Flexural Response of Laminated Composites with Varying Reinforcements Md. Zakaria Hossain

References to Building Laws in Revision of A-Sign Criteria in Ryukyu, Japan Shuta Kina, Nabuo Mishima, and Yoko Taguchi

Analytic Hierarchy Process of Reverse Logistics in the Construction Industry Thanwadee Chinda, Phudecha Kaewpitak, Poramat Supsinpaibool, Tinnaphop Virivaroj, and Sarinya Tangbunjardvanich

List of Indicator and Criteria for Evaluating Construction Project Success and Their Weight Visuth Chovichien and Thu Anh Nguyen

A Comparative Study of Accident Risk Factors in Construction Project in Indonesia Yusuf Latief, Akhmad Suraji, Yulianto S. Nugroho, and Rosmariani Arifuddin

Energy and Cost Saving in Pickled Fish Factory of Rai Chul Group Atikorn Wongsatanawarid and Jongsarid Cunvong

Research for Thermal Mitigation of the Server Room with Old Building Specification Emi Tomita and Shoichi Kojima

Improvement of Summer Indoor Thermal Environment by Solar Shading and Evaporative Cooling in Housing Opening Kazuki Tomita and Shoichi Kojima

Specific Energy Consumption Comparative Study of Hot Air Dryer and Heat Pump Dryer for Highland Drying Process Sayompon Srina and Atikorn Wongsatanawarid

Comparison of Thermal Comfort between Radiant Heating and Convective Heating in Heating Room Shigeru Imai and Shoichi Kojima

Thermal Environment of the Saga Castle Moat and Effect of Thermal Mitigation of Aquatic Plants Shoichi Kojima

Generation Y¡¦s Knowledge, Skill, Abilities, and Professional interest Amidst the Wake of Asean Economic Cooperation (AEC) 2015 Phimnaree Singhachotsukpat, Chatravee Jaipeach, Tharnthip Nirunvichaya, Wimonwan Noodam, Duanghattaya Chaipatthananont, and Pornpimol Chongphaisal

Comparing Human Capital Effectiveness between Office Workers and Factory Workers: A Competency Gap Analysis Sophie de Sausmarez Visarut Rakmanusa, Bhaqthada Jarupornpanich, Nanat Phuvathanarak, Panuwat Tosaksit, and Pornpimol Chongphaisal

Comparison of Work Postures during Notebook Computer Use between User-Preferred and Recommended Workstation Settings Suebsak Nanthavanij, Kanlayanee Prae-arporn, Sorajak Chanjirawittaya, Satirajit Paripoonyo, and Somsak Rodloy

Effect of Different Holding Devices on the User¡¦s Body Posture While Operating Tablet Computer Suebsak Nanthavanij, Thanpicha Ditthaprasert, Phattranit Jittiarunchai, Jutamat
Chutigraiwun, and Athippong Prasertsukdee

ErgoCom: A Computer-based Tool for Work Posture Adjustment During Desktop Computer Use Suebsak Nanthavanij, Polnapath Payuhawrakulchai, Kodchawan Siriyong, Pongsatorn
Sarathoontham, Praewpun Bumrungthai, and Thanawat Suwatthanachow

ErgoNBC ¡V A Computer Program for Recommending Notebook Computer, Workstation, and Accessories Settings Suebsak Nanthavanij, Kanlayanee Prae-arporn, Sorajak Chanjirawittaya, Satirajit Paripoonyo, and Somsak Rodloy

Understanding the Adoption of Mobile Banking Services: An Empirical Study Chayanis Witeepanich, Nisarat Emklang, Janjira Matsmak, Pilaiprapa Kanokviriyasanti, and Pisit Chanvarasuth

Organizational Adoption of Green IT in Thailand Juthathip Damkeungtrakul, Krittin Kulsri, Ramita Rodgrasae, Songpop Chavongluend, Jittaboon Wanichwatphibun, and Pisit Chanvarasuth

An Analytic Study for Software Quality Management based on Software Process Improvement Noriaki Izumi, Takahiro Seino, Motoi Yamane, and Koichi Hayashi

The Effect of IT Governance on Thai Financial Institution Saran Rakthiantam, Paween Mankongsakul, Pawinee Tiranaprakit, Ngamjit Phueknarin, and Pisit Chanvarasuth

Matching Element of Knowledge for Software Process Improvement Tipaporn Supamit

Research on the Character of Izuhara City in Tsushima Seen from the Viewpoint of Sightseeing Abiru Daiichi and Hirase Yujin

Price Elasticity of Demand and Transit Fare Strategy: A Case Study of Bangkok Mass Transit System Ackchai Sirikijpanichkul and Sarintorn Winyoopadit

Traffic Impact Assessment of Large-Scale Water Irrigation Project Ackchai Sirikijpanichkul, Sarintorn Winyoopadit, and Chavalek Vanichavetin

Problems and Possibilities Inherent in Specific Sustainable Planning for a Historical Pottery Village: A Case Study of Okawachiyama, Imari, Japan Claudia Irene Lombok, Shoichiro Hirose, and Ryutaro Goto

An Analysis to Manage the Current Conditions of Evacuation Routes in a Historic Preservation Area: The Probability of Street Blockades Daisuke Ishimaru, Nobuo Mishima, Naomi Miyamoto, and Yoko Taguchi

Fuzzy Logic Application in Transportation Problems Dieu Thi Xuan Duong and Veeris Ammarapala

Problems of Post-Tsunami Disaster Housing Relocation in Sanriku Fishery Villages, Northeast Japan Keisuke Hisamoto, Pegy Merlyn Ivanna Besouw, and Ryutaro Goto

The Analysis of Bangkok Metropolitan Road Traffic Safety Morakot Kerdpremwes, Chiaochan Sorsongsermkul, Thananthorn Pholchaivong, Jittra Janthongsook, Jennichcha Chuwattanakul, and Veeris Ammarapala

A Study on Cultural Spatial Planning for a Local Ethnic Community, Targeting Bantik Tribal Settlement in Malalayang, Indonesia Pingkan Peggy Egam, Nobuo Mishima, and Linda tondobala

A Location-Routing Problem ¡V The Case of Distribution Center in the US ¡V Pornthipa Ongkunaruk and Chawalit Jeenanunta

Cost and Benefit Analysis for Rubber Product Transportation Sasitorn Srisawadi, Naraphorn Paoprasert, Prasit Wattanawongsakun, Sarawut Lerspalungsanti, Chadchai Srisurangkul, Narong Pitaksapsin, and Yongyuth Neamsup

Analysis of Diversion of Surrounding Sites along an Urban Linear Element Accompanied by Its Use Conversion ¡V Focus on Saga Line of Japan Railway ¡V Satoshi Osajima, Nobuo Mishima, and Yoko Taguchi

Satisfaction Level of the First Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge and Cross-border Transportation Checkpoint System Sethapong Jarusombathi, Pimnapa Pongsayaporn, and Veeris Ammarapala

Land Management Practices of the Onsen (Hot Springs) Inn Association of Ureshino, Japan Shoichiro Anai, Nobuo Mishima, and Yoko Taguchi

A Framework to Evaluate Road Users¡¦ Satisfaction Level Suthathip Suanmali, Veeris Ammarapala, Paphitchaya Kobsanthia, Theerarat Siriaramsakul, Kasidis Chankao, Jularat Rungruangmeesap, Watchraporn Panupintu, and Peungpetch Pornpratarnsuk

A Historical Study of the Inclusion of Children¡¦s Rooms during the Modernization of Japanese Detached Houses Takayuki Fuchikami

The Differential of Supply Chain Management in the Food Industry to Reduce Carbon Footprints: The Cases in Asia Anirut Pipatprapa, Hsiang-Hsi Huang, and Ching-Hsu Huang

Numerical Study of Production, Logistics and Facility Location Planning for Oil Palm in Bio-Diesel Production for Thailand Artchapong Hassametto, Preerawadee Chaiboontun, Chattraporn Prajuabwan, Laphatrada Khammuang, and Aussadavut Dumrongsiri

A Gap Analysis in Service Quality of Thai Logistics Service Providers Chatwadee Tansakul, Jirachai Buddhakulsomsiri, Thananya Wasusri, Papusson Chaiwat, and Taweesak Kritjaroen

Innovation and Local Technological Capacity in Thai Natural Resource-based Supply Chain Chawalit Jeenananta, Narongsak Pongsathornwiwat, Rinyarat Keeratipanpakdee, Pancharee Trakulsengratsamee, Walaiphan Sridhammadhouch, Pawarunch Nopsiri, and Amornred Tangjitjaroern

The Relationship of Firm's Characteristics with Innovation in Thai Automotive and Electronics Industries Chawalit Jeenanunta, Tanawat U-snit, Karnchanit Mana, Sakesan Krongphanich, and Suraphan Sanguansilp

Multi-sourcing Multi-Product Supplier Selection: An Integrated Fuzzy Multi-objective Linear Model Kittipong Luangpantao and Navee Chiadamrong

The Crucial Role of Design for Reverse ogistics (DfRL) and Harvesting of Information (HoI) in Reverse Logistics Systems M. Reza Hosseini, Nicholas Chileshe, Raufdeen Rameezdeen, and Steffen Lehmann

A Survey Study of Automobile and Health Care Industries' Supply Chain Management and Effectiveness Amidst ASEAN Economic Community Integration in 2015 Nattawat Chantanapokul, Krit Phooriphokhai, Tanakom Viphavaphanich, Piraya Jirathornkul, and Pornpimol Chongphaisal

A Survey Study of Thai Industries' Competitiveness and Supply-Chain Effectiveness Amidst ASEAN Economic Community Integration in 2015 Nutnicha Tangavirapat, Passanan Supat-akanit, Supat Yongkamol, Nuttanicha Diskul na ayutthaya, and Pornpimol Chongphaisal

Numerical Study for Thailand: Mathematical Model of Production and Logistic Planning for Sugarcanes Used in Biofuel Production Pancheewa Benjamasutin, Ponthong Rijana, Phongchayont Srisuwan, and Aussadavut Dumrongsiri

Factors Inhibiting the Adoption of RFID Technology: A Case of Thailand Terachote Banjurtrungkajorn, Yuthakarn Kamolvarin, Chalisa Kesawatdiwong, Phat Nimmandnaruz, and Pisit Chanvarasuth

A Framework Study of Factors Effecting Crude Palm Oil Price Behavior in Thailand Thanatip Mungmee, Phaninart Buaklom, Pakaphol Pungprasert, Prapatpong Sinlapaprechar, Chutchai Suksa-ard, and Morrakot Raweewan

Social Media in Thai Workplace Arpa Jirakoonsombat, Kamonwan Monkanphai, Laliphat Wongchinsri, Nattacha Juengwattanasirikool, Phisonlaya Kasemkolsonsri, and Nattharika Rittippant

Comparison Between Local and Multinational Supply Chain - The Case of Thailand - Chawalit Jeenanunta, Tanawat U-snit, Karnchanit Mana, Sakesan Krongphanich, and Suraphan Sanguansilp

Customer Behavior in Bangkok and Surroundings in Purchasing Skincare Product Online Chawalit Jeenanunta, Tunwarat Sriuranwat, Worapon Awajinda, Sasiwimon Sasimonthol, Matchalee Jiwattanakul, and Sunatta Jaisuetrong

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): Are Our Engineering Students Ready for 2015? Chotika Wongwichai, Setthanan Chaiyut, Tavit Kitprapa, Pornpen Jirojmontree, and Nattharika Rittippant

The Export Growth and Revealed Comparative Advantage of Thailand to India's Jewelry Sector Karnjana Sanglimsuwan, Suthathip Suanmali, and Veeris Ammarapala

Thai Consumer Response to Sales Promotions for Personal Care Products Nattharika Rittipant, Dhanikanandi Kheawwilai, Nuttiwut Suayngam, Sirin Promsoot, and Tanavat Vivatanaprasert

The Effectiveness of Product Placement in Thailand Nattharika Rittippant, Lalita Ruyaporn, Tanarat Hongpaisanvivat, Ploypailin Limrahaphan, and Kornbongkoch Kasemweerakul

Social Media Usage Related to Food and Beverages: An Investigation of College Students in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area Pitipat Suwannapinunt, Krittaporn Sitthikraiwong, Punchanid Nimitsukcharoen, Sakdituch Dollayanukloh, Tossanate Puttiphapaibool, and Nattharika Rittippant

Social Media Usage Related to Food and Beverages: An Investigation of College Students in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area Stephan Nuber, Stefan Reutlinger, Jonathan Schmickl, and Pornpimol Chongphaisal

An Investigation of German High-Technology Industries Toni Klaiber, Mathias Huber, Martin Schwehr, and Nattharika Rittippant

CEOS and Social Media in Thailand Tunjitra Pahurat, Tanachai Kulsomboonsin, Siranard Vittayanugool, Purich Tanprasertkul, Worawee Chanyongworakul, and Nattharika Rittippant

Optimal Dock Block Arrangement Considering Subsequent Ships Solved by Genetic Algorithm Chen Chen and Chua Kim Huat

Arranging Precast Production Scheduling Using Genetic Algorithms Chien-Ho Ko and Shu-Fan Wang

Land Allocation and Transportation Network Planning for Crude Palm Oil Production in Thailand Chutchai Suksa-ard and Morrakot Raweewan

Market Selection of Refined Palm Oil based on Balancing Local Demand Satisfaction and Exporting Chutchai Suksa-ard and Morrokot Raweewan

A Framework Study of Site Selection of Volunteer Training Center and Evacuation Center for Flood Disaster Kashane Danchaiwijit, Nattapon Sanitrat, Pattanan Temsiriwat, Tanapat Sereecharoensatit, Vorachai Saengram, and Morrakot Raweewan

Overbooking Models for Hotel Revenue Management Panaratch Maneesophon and Naragain Phumchusri

Multi-objective Finite Capacity Scheduling of Make-and-Pack Production with Options to Adjust Processing Time Sophea Horng and Pisal Yenradee

A Mixed Integer Programming for a Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: A Case Study of a Thai Seasoning Company Supanat Suwansuksamran and Pornthipa Ongkunaruk

Mathematical Model for Combined Outbound and Inbound Logistics using Milk Run Deliveries Thanatorn Sinphatsirikul, Pathorn Nantaseri, Sukachai Penpokai, Korapat Yusatharporn, and Aussadavut Dumrongsiri

Finite Capacity Scheduling of Make-Pack Production: Case Study of Adhesive Factory Theppakarn Chotpradit and Pisal Yenradee

Project Risk Management for New Product Development Dundusid Porananond and Natcha Thawesaengskulthai

Solving the Multi-Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Using Ant Colony Optimization Hsiang-His Huang, Chian-Ying Huang, and Yu-Tsung Chen

Analysis and Development of Project Delivery Methods of Mega Projects in the Electricity Sector (GECOL) Jamal S Abukher and Ali E. AlBarkos

Evaluating Production Time Buffer for Demand Variability Chien-Ho Ko

Production Management for Hydraulic Fracturing in Naturally Fractured Shale Gas Reservoir Duangkamon Jordnork, Jirawat Chewaroungroaj, and Kreangkrai Maneeintr

A Comparison of Process Improvement between Lean and Lean-Six Sigma Approach in Outboard Plant Kunut Suksamarnvong and Jeerapat Ngaoprasertwong

Electrionic Kanban System for Rubber Seals Production Naragain Phumchusri and Thanit Panyavai

An Analysis of Hotel's Characteristics and Their Effected on Innovation Chawalit Jeenanunta, Narissara Visavanont, Narongsak Pongsathornwiwat, Kittiwin Suksod, Bhanyakhom PutSorn, Sitthichok Thammaruksa, and Thongchai Youngrod

An Correlation Analysis of Major Innovation Factors in Thai Hotel Industry Chawalit Jeenanunta, Narissara Visavanont, Narongsak Pongsathornwiwat, Kittiwin Suksod, Bhanyakhom PutSorn, Sitthichok Thammaruksa, and Thongchai Youngrod

Resource Analysis in Emergency Deartment Usin Simulation-based Framework Chawalit Jeenanunta, Sariya Issrangjura na Ayudhya, Prangvipha Doungraks, Chaleeporn Sereewattanapong, Arisara Pongtanupattana, and Nuchjarin Intalar

An Analysis of Major Influencial Factors for Hotels' Innovation: The case of Bangkok, Thailand Narongsak Pongsathornwiwat, Narissara Visavanont, Chawalit Jeenanunta, Thanaruk Teeramunkong, and Van-Nam Huynh

A Simulation Model based on Markov Decision Process to Assess Software Quality Ömer Korkma, İbrhim Akman, and Sofiya Ostrovska

Ergonomic Workforce Scheduling with Productivity and Employee Satisfaction Consideration Tanuchporn Wongwien and Suebsak Nanthavanij

Multi-workday Ergonomic Workforce Scheduling with Days Off Tarit Rattanamanee and Suebsak Nanthavanij

Pricing Model for Competing Online and Retail Channel with Online Buying Risk Varanya Varanyuwatana, Chutikarn Anunyavanit, Manorat Pinthong, Puthaporn Jarupash, and Aussadavut Dumrongsiri

Quality Assessment in Public Sector: A View from Public Sector Management Quality Award Warit Wipulanusat and Jiraporn Sunkpho

The Impact of Fatigue on Labour Productivity: Case Study of Dam Construction Project in Queensland Cornor O¡¦Neill and Kriengsak Panuwatwanich

Cause and Effect Diagram of Food Safety Standards: AEC Preparation Phuwado Tangtrongsakol, Pradthana Samunyatorn, Patchamon Teskayan, Papanan Jantarabuo, Phongthep Krainarong, Kantapron Lapmananon, and Thanwadee Chinda

Finding Security Parameters for Thermal Power Plants ¡V A Case Study of NTPC Korba Raj Sekhar Choudhury and Sutapa Das

Hospital Safety: Investigation of 5S Implementation Thanwadee Chinda, Nalin Tangkaravakun, and Worraphat Wesadaphan

Optimising Health and Safety (H&S) Management by Aligning Job Task to Risk Behavior Profile Matching Willem du Toit and John Smallwood

Work-related Mental Health Problems and Psychological Factors in Korean Worksite Youngho Kim, SooJin Kang, and HakGweon Lee

The Development of a Basic Dynamic Model of Household Waste Recycling Chaiwat Manasakunkit and Thanwadee Chinda

Materials Management and Waste Minimisation on Construction Sites in Lagos State, Nigeria Olatunji Aiyetan and John Smallwood

Municipal Solid Waste Management ¡V Analysis of Waste Generation: A Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand Pitchayanin Sukholthaman and Pisit Chanvarasuth

Ultrasonic Degradation of Bisphenol A and 4-Tert-Octylphenol Pushparaj Pokhalekar and Mousumi Chakraborty

The Assessment of Household's Preferences for recycling efforts: The Willingness to Pay Approach Suthathip Suanmali, Boonyaporn Jongmeepornsathitkul, Mananya Klanpoth, Bandasak Pukkanavanich, Nipa Sakdakeitikul, and Karnjana Sanglimsuwan

Policy Testing of the C&D Waste Recycling Model Thanwadee Chinda, Wacharit Engpanyalert, Areeya Tananoo, Jidapa Chaikong, and Anawat Methawachananong

The Feasibility Study of the Construction Waste Recycling Program in Thailand Thanwadee Chinda, Nutchaya Suteerapongpan, Kanthaporn Lapmahanon, Kulisara Benhadyelias, and Poranik Santimaethineedhol