EPPM 2014 Conference Papers

Facilities Management: Physical Built Environmental Factors that Influence User Performance in an Office Building Asad Jalal Sindhu and Kassim Gidado

Influence Factors on Cost and Time Overruns in Mozambicans Construction Projects: Preliminary Findings Elisa Atália Daniel Muianga, Ariovaldo Denis Granja, and Joyce Andrade Ruiz

Deconstruction Project Planning Considering Local Environmental Impacts Anna Kühlen, Rebekka Volk, Julian Stengel, and Frank Schultmann

Construction Frameworks in the UK Public Sector: A Procurement Performance Model for Driving Improvement of Project Outcomes Terence Y M Lam and Keith S Gale

A Comparative Study of Construction Joint Ventures in Australia and Malaysia Tony Ma and Michelle Voo

A Study of the Skills of Construction Project Managers in Australia and Their Needs for Training and Certification Tony Ma1, Cuong Luong, and Jian Zuo

Offsite Manufacturing in Developing Countries: Current Situation and Opportunities Sherif Mostafa, Jantanee Dumrak, Nicholas Chileshe, and Jian Zuo

Adoption of Reverse Logistics in South Australian Construction Projects: Major Drivers M. Reza Hosseini, Raufdeen Rameezdeen, Nicholas Chileshe, and Steffen Lehmann

The Development of a Lean Culture Diagnostic Tool Karl van der Merwe

Development of a Framework for a Lean Based Water and Energy Efficiency Tool Edward Davies and Karl van der Merwe

Designing Postgraduate Project Management Programs for Success Bassam Baroudi

Developing a Pollution Measuring System to Manage Demolition Projects Complying with Legal Regulations Markus Reinhardt, Anna Kühlen and Shervin Haghsheno

GA-Based Precast Production Planning System Chien-Ho Ko and Shu-Fan Wang

Exploring Transformation Challenges: Limits to the Growth of Building Contractors in South Africa Fidelis Emuze and Darren Flanegan

Delays to Mechanical Services-Type Projects Associated with National Culture in Saudi Arabia Abdullah Alkharmany, Kassim Gidado, and Noel Painting

To Achieve Predictability in Engineering Management Bo Terje Kalsaas

Costs of Alternative Methods of Acquiring Sandcrete Blocks for Walling Lawal P.O, Olayemi O.O, and Fagbenle O.I

A JIT Algorithm for Offshore Rig Assembly Sequencing Ernest Abbott and David Chua

Automated Master Project Schedule for Construction Incorporating Building Information Model and IFC David Cheng, Ernest Abbott, David Chua, and Ahmad Tashrif

Mega Projects and the Four Sublime ˇV The Case of the Innovative Strategy of the Biophilic Construction Site Model: The Case Study of ECOPARK Eco-City, Hanoi, Vietnam
Rita Obiozo and John Smallwood

RIBA Plan of Work Model and Classification of Constraints to Cost Performance of Construction Projects Sunday Odediran and Abimbola Windapo

Effect of Organisational Justice in Motivating Construction Workforce Towards Improved Work Productivity Ogwueleka, Amaka Chinweude and Maritz, Marthinus Johannes

Improvement Initiatives to Benefit Rural Communities in Pottery Making Nthabiseng Mahumapelo

Stakeholder Perspectives on the Use of Satisfaction Metrics in Large Engineering Projects Abimbola Windapo, Sunday Odediran, Luqman Oyewobi, and Gcinulwazi Qamata

Influence of Client Understanding on Quality of Design A. Olatunji Aiyetan, J. John Smallwood, and Winston Shakantu

The Influence of Satisfaction with Attributes of Off-Campus Student Accommodation on the Loyalty Behaviour of Student-Residents OC Bella-Omunagbe1 and WM Shakantu2

Emissions Management of Urban Earthmoving Fleets David G. Carmichael, Lars O. Lea, and Maria C. A. Balatbat

Lean Leadership Paradoxes: A Systematic Literature Review Hend Amer and Corrinne Shaw

Applying the Lens of Complexity Theory to Project Management Ian Jay, Nien-Tsu Tuan, and Mark Massyn

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Education in South Australia: Industry Needs John C.H Gardner, M. Reza Hosseini, Raufdeen Rameezdeen, and Nicholas Chileshe

Modelling the Factors Impacting the Sustainability of South Africa's Construction Industry ˇV An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach Nien-Tsu Tuan, Ian Jay, and Mark Massyn

Relationship between National Culture and Safety Behaviour: Evidence from Petrochemical Employees in Saudi Arabia Ayedh Alshahrani, Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, and Sherif Mohamed

Engendering Change within a Water Infrastructure Client Organisation: A Participatory Action Research Approach M. Potts, B. Awuzie, P. McDermott, and A. Stephenson

Effect of Embedding Shape Memory Alloy (Cu-Zn-Al) in an Aircraft Wing Panel Ruan Pretorius, Izendu Aghachi, and Rotimi Sadiku

The Role of Socio-Cultural and Technological Factors in Adopting the Project Management Office (PMO) Abdulaziz Alghadeer and Sherif Mohamed

Construction Expertsˇ¦ Perception on the Causes and Effects of Cost Overruns in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa Mukuka MJ, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Wellington Thwala

A Theoretical Perspective on Leadership Development in the Construction Industry Murendeni Liphadzi, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Wellington Thwala

The Management of Environmental Bridge Design Slawomir Karas and Janusz Bohatkiewicz