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Association of Engineering, Project, and Production Management


The association is an academic organization dedicated to encouraging the exchange of ideas, research, and other professional activities that are of a interdisciplinary nature relating to the engineering, project, and production management, while being dedicated to freedom of discussion and research, and undertakes to avoid a prejudiced attitude with respect to any individual, group, political philosophy, or research method.


The association conducts the following activities:

  • to organize academic meetings, lectures, and conferences

  • to issue academic journals, scholarly books, and newsletters

  • to conduct researches and surveys in its area of interest

  • to promote the professional activities of its members

  • to conduct commissioned researches and surveys

  • to engage in other activities necessary for the achievement of its purpose.


Applicants should fill out the registration form and e-mail it to for approval. Registration is FREE.

Member Benefits and rights

  • To receive discounts for participating association activities

  • To receive the latest Association news and developments

  • To participate in meetings, conference, or other events held by the Association

  • To vote for officers of the Association and to be voted as an officer thereof (Regular Members Only)










v0.3 (Approved by the General Assembly on October 12, 2012)

Conference Principles


v0.3 (Last updated on July 15, 2013)

Best Paper Selection Guideline


v0.4 (Last updated on April 10, 2014)



The Association holds its main office in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 



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