Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management, 2022, 12(2), 179-187


Operationalizing Project Success Criteria through Control Degree


Nikos Macheridis

Senior lecture, Department of Business Administration, Lund University. Tycho Brahes väg 1, 223 63 Lund, Sweden. E-mail: nikos.macheridis@fek.lu.se


Project Management


Received September 2, 2021; revised January 19, 2022; January 24, 2022; accepted January 25, 2022


Available online April 8, 2022


Abstract: This study explores the control degree in success criteria operationalization. A literature review reveals that control degree relates to two patterns operationalizing success criteria: one directed to measurement and measure selection; the other directed to operationalization through the conceptualization of a relationship between a specific factor and project success. While in both patterns tight control emerges, nevertheless a difference arises which implies that the control degree in these operationalization patterns varies. In the first pattern, control tends to be generic. The second provides opportunities to tailor the control of project success, considering the specific project and its context. Furthermore, this study shows that it is essential to include control suitability for making success criteria operationalization effective, in the sense of supporting project management to achieve project success. The theoretical contribution of this study is to link the field of project success and management control, adding that success criteria operationalization concerns control degree, i.e., tight/loose control.


Keywords: Project success, success criteria, operationalization, control degree, measures selection, control mechanisms, tight control, loose control.

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Citation: Macheridis, N. (2022). Operationalizing Project Success Criteria through Control Degree. Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management, 12(2), 179-187.

DOI: 10.32738/JEPPM-2022-0016

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