Reasons for rejection

Papers submitted to the EPPM-Journal for possible publication are frequently rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. Plagiarism is detected.

  2. Papers are not revised according to review comments.

  3. The authors failed to provide a point-by-point explanation to review comments.

  4. Papers are unreadable due to the poor usage of English, ill paper structure, or poor technical writing skills.

  5. Novelty cannot be found in the paper.

  6. No new knowledge can be found in the paper.

  7. The reference list is out of date.

  8. Papers miss important references or literature.

  9. Research objectives, hypothesis, or intention is not apparent.

  10. Papers lack tables and/or figures which can be used to add its clarity.

  11. The authors do not prepare manuscripts directly using the paper template.

  12. Papers focus only on local issues and do not generalize the research findings to a global extent.

  13. Paper subjects are out of the Journal’s aim and scope.

  14. The paper format does not abide by the Journal’s specifications.

  15. Research contributions cannot be found in the papers.

  16. Papers are over length.

  17. The authors fail to provide copyright form.

  18. The authors fail to provide the track changes version of the revised manuscript.

  19. References are not cited properly in the papers.

  20. The authors fail to acquire permission to reuse previously published works.

  21. Author portraits are blurry and unqualified for publication.

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