EPPM 2011 Conference Papers

Considering Customer Variability in Precast Production Schedules  Chien-Ho Ko, Hsu-Kuang Liao, Shih-Chang Chen, and Chia-Chuan Chang

Optimization of Precast Production Planning using concepts of Prefabrication Configuration and Component Group  Alireza Khalili and David KH Chua 

Parameters Optimization of Advanced Machining Processes using TLBO algorithm  R V Ra and V D Kalyankar

The Study of Production System Re-allocation in Safety Shoes Manufacturing Company  Chisa Apichotborworn, Sittichok Rashaniphon, Warit Sarideepan and Veeris Ammarapala

Estimating Man-Hours to Construct A Shipˇ¦s Block using Work Measurement  Ernest Abbott, Zhuo Liu, David KH Chua and WS Chang

Design Process Modeling with BCA Green Mark Shen Lijun and David KH Chua

Reducing Finished Goods Inventory for Precast Fabricators  Chien-Ho Ko, Sheng-Hsiung Tien, Yung-Cheng Shen, and Hao-Hsiang Liao 

Application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Information Technology (IT) for Project Collaboration  Shen Lijun and David KH Chua

Optimized Shipyard Steel Plate Cutting Plan Based on Genetic Algorithm  Chen Chen and David KH Chua

Lean and Green - Emerging Issues in the Construction Industry - a case study  Peng Wu and Sui Pheng Low 

Selecting Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Program using Combinatorial Mathematics Approach  R V Rao, F Bleicher, D Singh, V Kalyankar, and C Dorn

The Assessment of the Policy on Promotion of Biofuel Utilization on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2) in Thailand  Suthathip Suanmali and Bundit Limmeechokchai

The Project Scheduling and Decision Mechanism Based on the Multi-Resource Levelling  Hsiang-Hsi Huang, Jia-Chen Shiu and Tai-Lin Chen

Critical Success Factors of Malaysian Contractors in International Construction Projects using AHP  Derrick Tan Jian Ze and Farid Ezanee

Performance risk evaluation of long term infrastructure projects "PPP-BOT projects" using probabilistic methods  Meghdad Attarzadeh and David KH Chua

The Influences of Awareness Level and Fit between Customerˇ¦s Life Style and CSR Information Disclosure: Customer Perceptions, Purchase Intentions, and
Nattharika Rittippant and Khemmachart Meechoobot 

Investigation of Patient and Medicine Flows in Thai Hospitals  Apiwan Thumsamisorn, Thanwadee Chinda , Nattharika Rittippant and Aussadavut Dumrongsiri 

Corporate Social Responsibility of Public Firms in Thailand: The Effects of CSR on Employees  Nattharika Rittippant, Araya Tangthuttong, Jirapat Sinyodyeam and Ampoon Aurjongmanee

Testing Manual for Electrical Equipment Nahed Al-Hajeri and Anantha Madhavan 

The Use of Safety Assessment Approach in Improving Safety: Case Studies  Thanwadee Chinda

Applying System Safety Methodology and Related Tools for a Public Private Partnership Programme  Yue Sang Fan, Boon Heng Chua, Soon Hoe Ronald Tan, Minyi Heah and Chee Ken Ooi

Investigation of Safe Behaviors in Small, Medium, and Large Food Companies in Thailand Thanwadee Chinda

Measure of Entrepreneurial Intention of Young Adults in Thailand  Nattharika Rittippant, Wachiraporn Kokchang, Panisara Vanichkitpisan and Sumonthip Chompoodang

The Engagement of Social Media in Facebook: The Case of College Students in Thailand  Nattharika Rittippant and Apiwan Thumsamisorn 

Redefining Online Social Network and its Influence on Word-of-Mouth Marketing  Lalita Satidturng, Sukrit Klancomsorn, Veerapong Anunphanakul,and Pisit